Stop configured DAQ and STIM lists




stopMeasurement(xcpch) stops all configured data acquisition and stimulation lists on the specified XCP channel. When you stop the measurement, configured DAQ lists stop acquiring data values from the slave module and STIM lists stop transmitting data values to the slave model.


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Stop a DAQ Measurement

Create an XCP channel connected to a Vector CAN device on a virtual channel. Set up a DAQ measurement list and start and stop measuring data.

a2l = xcp2L('XCPSIM.a2l')
xcpch = xcpChannel(a2lfile, 'CAN', 'Vector', 'Virtual 1', 1)
xcpch = 

  Channel with properties:

               SlaveName: 'CPP'
             A2LFileName: 'XCPSIM.a2l'
          TransportLayer: 'CAN'
    TransportLayerDevice: [1x1 struct]
      SeedKeyCallbackFcn: []
                KeyValue: []

Connect the channel to the slave module.


Setup a data acquisition measurement list with the ‘10 ms' event and 'Bitslice' measurement and start your measurement.

createMeasurementList(xcpch, 'DAQ', '10 ms', 'BitSlice')

Stop your measurement.


Input Arguments

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xcpch — XCP channelXCP channel object

XCP channel, specified as an XCP channel object created using xcpChannel. The XCP channel object can then communicate with the specified slave module defined by the A2L file.

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