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View configured measurement lists on XCP channel


  • viewMeasurementLists(xcpch) example



viewMeasurementLists(xcpch) shows you all configured measurement list sets for this XCP channel.


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View DAQ Measurement Lists

Create an XCP channel and configure a data acquisition measurement list, then view the configured measurement list.

Create an object to parse an A2L file and connect that to an XCP channel.

a2lfile = xcpA2L('XCPSIM.a2l')
xcpch = xcpChannel(a2lfile, 'CAN', 'Vector', 'Virtual 1', 1)
xcpch = 

  Channel with properties:

               SlaveName: 'CPP'
             A2LFileName: 'XCPSIM.a2l'
          TransportLayer: 'CAN'
    TransportLayerDevice: [1x1 struct]
      SeedKeyCallbackFcn: []
                KeyValue: []

Connect the channel to the slave module.


Setup a data acquisition measurement list with the '10 ms' event and 'PMW' measurement.

createMeasurementList(xcpch, 'DAQ', '10 ms', {'BitSlice0','PWMFiltered','Triangle'});

Create another measurement list with the '100ms' event and 'PWMFiltered'and 'Triangle' measurements.

createMeasurementList(xcpch, 'DAQ', '100ms', {'PWMFiltered','Triangle'});

view details of the measurement list.

viewMeasurementLists (xcpch)
DAQ List #1 using the "10 ms" event @ 0.010000 seconds and the following measurements:

DAQ List #2 using the "100ms" event @ 0.100000 seconds and the following measurements:

Input Arguments

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xcpch — XCP channelXCP channel object

XCP channel, specified as an XCP channel object created using xcpChannel. The XCP channel object can then communicate with the specified slave module defined by the A2L file.

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