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Vehicle Network Toolbox XCP Simulink Blocks

This section describes how to use the Vehicle Network Toolbox™ XCP block library. The library contains these blocks:

  • XCP CAN Transport Layer— Transmit and Receive XCP messages over CAN bus.

  • XCP Configuration — Configure XCP settings.

  • XCP Data Acquisition — Acquire XCP data.

  • XCP Data Stimulation — Stimulate XCP data.

The Vehicle Network Toolbox XCP block library is a tool for simulating XCP message traffic on a CAN network. You can use blocks from the block library with blocks from other Simulink® libraries to create sophisticated models.

To use the Vehicle Network Toolbox XCP block library, you require Simulink, a tool for simulating dynamic systems. Simulink is a model definition environment. Use Simulink blocks to create a block diagram that represents the computations of your system or application. Simulink is also a model simulation environment. Run the block diagram to see how your system behaves. If you are new to Simulink, read Getting Started with Simulink (Simulink) to understand its functionality better.

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