Continuous Wavelet Analysis

1-D and 2-D CWT, inverse 1-D CWT, multiscale signal analysis, scalogram, wavelet cross-spectrum and coherence


conofinf Cone of influence
cwt Continuous 1-D wavelet transform
cwtext Real or complex continuous 1-D wavelet coefficients using extension parameters
cwtft Continuous wavelet transform using FFT algorithm
cwtftinfo Valid analyzing wavelets for FFT-based CWT
cwtftinfo2 Supported 2-D CWT wavelets and Fourier transforms
cwtft2 2-D continuous wavelet transform
icwtft Inverse CWT
icwtlin Inverse continuous wavelet transform (CWT) for linearly spaced scales
localmax Identify and chain local maxima
pat2cwav Build wavelet from pattern
wcoher Wavelet coherence
wscalogram Scalogram for continuous wavelet transform
wavemenu Wavelet Toolbox GUI tools
wavemngr Wavelet manager
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