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Continuous Wavelet Transforms

1-D and 2-D CWT, inverse 1-D CWT, scalogram, wavelet cross-spectrum and coherence, real- and complex-valued wavelets

Obtain the continuous wavelet transform (CWT) of a signal or image, construct signal approximations with the inverse CWT, compare time-varying patterns in two signals using wavelet coherence, and obtain high resolution time-frequency representations using wavelet synchrosqueezing.


cwtContinuous 1-D wavelet transform
icwtInverse continuous 1-D wavelet transform
cwtft22-D continuous wavelet transform
cwtftinfo2Supported 2-D CWT wavelets and Fourier transforms
wcoherenceWavelet coherence and cross-spectrum
wsstWavelet synchrosqueezed transform
iwsstInverse wavelet synchrosqueezed transform
wsstridgeTime-frequency ridges from wavelet synchrosqueezing
wtmmWavelet transform modulus maxima
wavemngrWavelet manager


Wavelet AnalyzerAnalyze signals and images using wavelets


1-D CWT Analysis and Synthesis

Continuous Wavelet Analysis

Perform time-frequency analysis with the continuous wavelet transform.

Continuous Wavelet Analysis of Cusp Signal

Understand the differences between wavelet transform modulus maxima and the CWT of a cusp signal.

Inverse Continuous Wavelet Transform

Understand the mathematics of the inverse continuous wavelet transform.

Wavelet Synchrosqueezing

Time-frequency reassignment technique for analyzing signals with oscillating modes.

2-D CWT Analysis

Two-Dimensional CWT of Noisy Pattern

This example shows how to detect a pattern in a noisy image using the 2-D continuous wavelet transform (CWT).

2-D Continuous Wavelet Transform App

Analyze image data and export the results using the Wavelet Analyzer app.

Wavelet Coefficients, Scales, and Synchrosqueezing

Interpreting Continuous Wavelet Coefficients

Understand wavelet coefficients through illustrative examples.

Continuous Wavelet Transform and Scale-Based Analysis

Learn about the continuous wavelet transform and the relationship between frequencies and scales.

Continuous Wavelet Transform as a Bandpass Filter

Understand the continuous wavelet transform as bandpass filtering.

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