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Wavelet Toolbox Functions

Alphabetical List By Category
addliftAdd lifting steps to lifting scheme
allnodesTree nodes
appcoef1-D approximation coefficients
appcoef22-D approximation coefficients
bestlevtBest level tree wavelet packet analysis
besttreeBest tree wavelet packet analysis
biorfiltBiorthogonal wavelet filter set
biorwavfBiorthogonal spline wavelet filter
bswfunBiorthogonal scaling and wavelet functions
centfrqWavelet center frequency
cfs2wptWavelet packet tree construction from coefficients
cgauwavfComplex Gaussian wavelet
chgwdeccfsChange multisignal 1-D decomposition coefficients
cmddenoiseInterval-dependent denoising
cmorwavfComplex Morlet wavelet
coifwavfCoiflet wavelet filter
cwtContinuous 1-D wavelet transform
cwtft22-D continuous wavelet transform
cwtftinfo2Supported 2-D CWT wavelets and Fourier transforms
dbauxDaubechies wavelet filter computation
dbwavfDaubechies wavelet filter
dddtreeDual-tree and double-density 1-D wavelet transform
dddtree2Dual-tree and double-density 2-D wavelet transform
dddtreecfsExtract dual-tree/double-density wavelet coefficients or projections
ddencmpDefault values for denoising or compression
depo2indNode depth-position to node index
detcoef1-D detail coefficients
detcoef22-D detail coefficients
dispWPTREE information
displsDisplay lifting scheme
dtfiltersAnalysis and synthesis filters for oversampled wavelet filter banks
dtreeDTREE constructor
dualtree33-D dual-tree complex wavelet transform
dwtSingle-level discrete 1-D wavelet transform
dwt2Single-level discrete 2-D wavelet transform
dwt3Single-level discrete 3-D wavelet transform
dwtleaderMultifractal 1-D wavelet leader estimates
dwtmodeDiscrete wavelet transform extension mode
dyaddownDyadic downsampling
dyadupDyadic upsampling
entrupdEntropy update (wavelet packet)
fbspwavfComplex frequency B-spline wavelet
fejerkorovkinFejer-Korovkin wavelet filters
filt2lsTransform quadruplet of filters to lifting scheme
gauswavfGaussian wavelet
getWPTREE contents
haartHaar 1-D wavelet transform
haart22-D Haar wavelet transform
icwtInverse continuous 1-D wavelet transform
idddtreeInverse dual-tree and double-density 1-D wavelet transform
idddtree2Inverse dual-tree and double-density 2-D wavelet transform
idualtree33-D dual-tree wavelet reconstruction
idwtSingle-level inverse discrete 1-D wavelet transform
idwt2Single-level inverse discrete 2-D wavelet transform
idwt3Single-level inverse discrete 3-D wavelet transform
ihaartInverse 1-D Haar wavelet transform
ihaart2Inverse 2-D Haar wavelet transform
ilwtInverse 1-D lifting wavelet transform
ilwt2Inverse 2-D lifting wavelet transform
imlptInverse multiscale local 1-D polynomial transform
imodwptInverse maximal overlap discrete wavelet packet transform
imodwtInverse maximal overlap discrete wavelet transform
ind2depoNode index to node depth-position
intwaveIntegrate wavelet function psi (ψ)
isnodeExisting node test
istnodeTerminal nodes indices test
iswtInverse discrete stationary wavelet transform 1-D
iswt2Inverse discrete stationary wavelet transform 2-D
iwsstInverse wavelet synchrosqueezed transform
laurmatLaurent matrices constructor
laurpolyLaurent polynomials constructor
liftfiltApply elementary lifting steps on quadruplet of filters
liftwaveLifting schemes
ls2filtTransform lifting scheme to quadruplet of filters
lsinfoLifting schemes information
lwt1-D lifting wavelet transform
lwt22-D lifting wavelet transform
lwtcoefExtract or reconstruct 1-D LWT wavelet coefficients
lwtcoef2Extract or reconstruct 2-D LWT wavelet coefficients
mdwtclusterMultisignals 1-D clustering
mdwtdecMultisignal 1-D wavelet decomposition
mdwtrecMultisignal 1-D wavelet reconstruction
measerrApproximation quality metrics
mexihatMexican hat (Ricker) wavelet
meyerMeyer wavelet
meyerauxMeyer wavelet auxiliary function
mlptMultiscale local 1-D polynomial transform
mlptdenoiseDenoise signal using multiscale local 1-D polynomial transform
mlptreconReconstruct signal using inverse multiscale local 1-D polynomial transform
modwptMaximal overlap discrete wavelet packet transform
modwptdetailsMaximal overlap discrete wavelet packet transform details
modwtMaximal overlap discrete wavelet transform
modwtcorrMultiscale correlation using the maximal overlap discrete wavelet transform
modwtmraMultiresolution analysis based on MODWT
modwtvarMultiscale variance of maximal overlap discrete wavelet transform
modwtxcorrWavelet cross-correlation sequence estimates using the maximal overlap discrete wavelet transform (MODWT)
morletMorlet wavelet
mswcmpMultisignal 1-D compression using wavelets
mswcmpscrMultisignal 1-D wavelet compression scores
mswcmptpMultisignal 1-D compression thresholds and performances
mswdenMultisignal 1-D denoising using wavelets
mswthreshPerform multisignal 1-D thresholding
nodejoinRecompose node
nodespltSplit (decompose) node
ntnodeNumber of terminal nodes
ntreeNTREE constructor
orthfiltOrthogonal wavelet filter set
otnodesOrder terminal nodes of binary wavelet packet tree
pat2cwavBuild wavelet from pattern
plotPlot tree GUI
plotdtPlot dual-tree or double-density wavelet transform
qmfScaling and Wavelet Filter
rbiowavfReverse biorthogonal spline wavelet filters
readRead values of WPTREE
scal2frqScale to frequency
setWPTREE field contents
shanwavfComplex Shannon wavelet
swtDiscrete stationary wavelet transform 1-D
swt2Discrete stationary wavelet transform 2-D
symauxSymlet wavelet filter computation
symwavfSymlet wavelet filter
thselectThreshold selection for de-noising
tnodesDetermine terminal nodes
treeordTree order
upcoefDirect reconstruction from 1-D wavelet coefficients
upcoef2Direct reconstruction from 2-D wavelet coefficients
upwlevSingle-level reconstruction of 1-D wavelet decomposition
upwlev2Single-level reconstruction of 2-D wavelet decomposition
wave2lpLaurent polynomials associated with wavelet
wavedecMultilevel 1-D wavelet decomposition
wavedec2Multilevel 2-D wavelet decomposition
wavedec3Multilevel 3-D wavelet decomposition
wavefunWavelet and scaling functions
wavefun2Wavelet and scaling functions 2-D
waveinfoWavelets information
waveletfamiliesWavelet families and family members
wavemngrWavelet manager
wavenamesWavelet names for LWT
waverecMultilevel 1-D wavelet reconstruction
waverec2Multilevel 2-D wavelet reconstruction
waverec3Multilevel 3-D wavelet reconstruction
wavsupportWavelet support
wbmpenPenalized threshold for wavelet 1-D or 2-D de-noising
wcodematExtended pseudocolor matrix scaling
wcoherenceWavelet coherence and cross-spectrum
wcompressTrue compression of images using wavelets
wdcbmThresholds for wavelet 1-D using Birgé-Massart strategy
wdcbm2Thresholds for wavelet 2-D using Birgé-Massart strategy
wdecenergyMultisignal 1-D decomposition energy distribution
wdenAutomatic 1-D de-noising
wdencmpDe-noising or compression
wdenoiseDenoise data using an empirical Bayesian method with a Cauchy prior
wenergyEnergy for 1-D wavelet or wavelet packet decomposition
wenergy2Energy for 2-D wavelet decomposition
wentropyEntropy (wavelet packet)
wextendExtend vector or matrix
wfbmFractional Brownian motion synthesis
wfbmestiParameter estimation of fractional Brownian motion
wfiltersWavelet filters
wfusimgFusion of two images
wfusmatFusion of two matrices or arrays
wkeepKeep part of vector or matrix
wmaxlevMaximum wavelet decomposition level
wmpalgMatching pursuit
wmpdictionaryDictionary for matching pursuit
wmspcaMultiscale Principal Component Analysis
wmuldenWavelet multivariate de-noising
wnoiseNoisy wavelet test data
wnoisestEstimate noise of 1-D wavelet coefficients
wp2wtreeExtract wavelet tree from wavelet packet tree
wpbmpenPenalized threshold for wavelet packet de-noising
wpcoefWavelet packet coefficients
wpcutreeCut wavelet packet tree
wpdecWavelet packet decomposition 1-D
wpdec2Wavelet packet decomposition 2-D
wpdencmpDe-noising or compression using wavelet packets
wpfunWavelet packet functions
wpjoinRecompose wavelet packet
wprcoefReconstruct wavelet packet coefficients
wprecWavelet packet reconstruction 1-D
wprec2Wavelet packet reconstruction 2-D
wpspectrumWavelet packet spectrum
wpspltSplit (decompose) wavelet packet
wpthcoefWavelet packet coefficients thresholding
wptreeWPTREE constructor
wpviewcfPlot wavelet packets colored coefficients
wrcoefReconstruct single branch from 1-D wavelet coefficients
wrcoef2Reconstruct single branch from 2-D wavelet coefficients
wrevFlip vector
writeWrite values in WPTREE fields
wsstWavelet synchrosqueezed transform
wsstridgeTime-frequency ridges from wavelet synchrosqueezing
wthcoef1-D wavelet coefficient thresholding
wthcoef2Wavelet coefficient thresholding 2-D
wthreshSoft or hard thresholding
wthrmngrThreshold settings manager
wtmmWavelet transform modulus maxima
wvarchgFind variance change points
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