Matching Pursuit

This example shows how to perform matching pursuit on a 1-D input signal.

Load the cuspamax signal. Construct a dictionary consisting of Daubechies least asymmetric wavelet packets at level 4, Daubechies extremal phase wavelets at level 2, the DCT-II basis, the sin basis, and the shifted Kronecker delta basis.

load cuspamax;
lstcpt = {{'wpsym4',1},{'db4',2},'dct','sin','RnIdent'};
mpdict = wmpdictionary(length(cuspamax),'LstCpt',lstcpt);

Use orthogonal matching pursuit to obtain an approximation of the signal in the overcomplete dictionary, mpdict, with 25 iterations. Plot the result as a movie, updating every 5 iterations.

[yfit,r,coeff,iopt,qual] = wmpalg('OMP',cuspamax,mpdict,...
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