Wavelet Families and Properties

This example shows how to find and display information about available wavelets. The Wavelet Toolbox™ software contains an extensive selection of the most commonly-used wavelets and orthogonal and biorthogonal wavelet filters. You also have the ability to add your own filters to the toolbox.

Determine the existing wavelet families. Display the wavelet family names in the command window.


Display the names of all available wavelets in each family.


You can also use wavemngr to display the available wavelet families.


Use the wavelet family short name to determine what analysis an existing wavelet supports.

The wavelet family short name for the Daubechies extremal-phase wavelets is 'db'.


Determine what analysis the Morlet wavelet supports. The wavelet family short name is 'morl'.


Use the Wavelet Toolbox interactive tool, wavemenu, to investigate wavelet families.

Almost anything you can do in the Wavelet Toolbox software at the command line, you can accomplish in wavemenu.

To start the interactive tool, enter wavemenu at the command line.

Click Wavelet Display. Select the db4 wavelet and click Display.

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