Multisignal Analysis

Multivariate signals, multisignal PCA


chgwdeccfs Change multisignal 1-D decomposition coefficients
dwtmode Discrete wavelet transform extension mode
mdwtcluster Multisignals 1-D clustering
mdwtdec Multisignal 1-D wavelet decomposition
mdwtrec Multisignal 1-D wavelet reconstruction
mswcmp Multisignal 1-D compression using wavelets
mswcmpscr Multisignal 1-D wavelet compression scores
mswcmptp Multisignal 1-D compression thresholds and performances
mswden Multisignal 1-D denoising using wavelets
mswthresh Perform multisignal 1-D thresholding
wavemenu Wavelet Toolbox GUI tools
wdecenergy Multisignal 1-D decomposition energy distribution
wmspca Multiscale Principal Component Analysis
wextend Extend vector or matrix
wkeep Keep part of vector or matrix
wavemenu Wavelet Toolbox GUI tools
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