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Orthogonal and Biorthogonal Filter Banks

Daubechies' extremal-phase wavelets, Daubechies' least-asymmetric wavelets, Fejer-Korovkin filters, coiflets, biorthogonal spline filters

Orthogonal wavelet filter banks generate a single scaling function and wavelet, whereas biorthogonal wavelet filters generate one scaling function and wavelet for decomposition, and another pair for reconstruction. Daubechies' least-asymmetric filters have the most linear phase response of the orthogonal filters. If you require linear phase, use biorthogonal filters.


biorwavf Biorthogonal spline wavelet filter
biorfilt Biorthogonal wavelet filter set
coifwavf Coiflet wavelet filter
dtfilters Analysis and synthesis filters for oversampled wavelet filter banks
dbaux Daubechies wavelet filter computation
dbwavf Daubechies wavelet filter
fejerkorovkin Fejer-Korovkin wavelet filters
orthfilt Orthogonal wavelet filter set
rbiowavf Reverse biorthogonal spline wavelet filters
qmf Scaling and Wavelet Filter
symaux Symlet wavelet filter computation
symwavf Symlet wavelet filter
wavefun Wavelet and scaling functions
wavefun2 Wavelet and scaling functions 2-D
wfilters Wavelet filters
wrev Flip vector
wavemngr Wavelet manager
waveletfamilies Wavelet families and family members
waveinfo Wavelets information
wavenames Wavelet names for LWT


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Orthogonal and Biorthogonal Filter Banks

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Scaling Function and Wavelet

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Introduction to Wavelet Families

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Wavelet Families and Associated Properties — I

View the properties of Morlet, Mexican hat, Meyer, Haar, Daubechies, symlet, coiflet, and biorthogonal wavelet families.

Wavelet Families and Associated Properties — II

View the properties of reverse biorthogonal, Gaussian, discrete appoximation of Meyer, complex Gaussian, frequency B-spline, and Shannon wavelet families.

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