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Real- and Complex-Valued Wavelets

Morlet, Gaussian, derivative of Gaussian, Meyer, complex Shannon, complex B-spline

Generate and visualize wavelets, construct wavelets for specific patterns, determine the wavelet center frequency, and convert scale to frequency.


bswfunBiorthogonal scaling and wavelet functions
centfrqWavelet center frequency
cgauwavfComplex Gaussian wavelet
cmorwavfComplex Morlet wavelet
fbspwavfComplex frequency B-spline wavelet
gauswavfGaussian wavelet
intwaveIntegrate wavelet function psi (ψ)
mexihatMexican hat (Ricker) wavelet
meyerMeyer wavelet
meyerauxMeyer wavelet auxiliary function
morletMorlet wavelet
pat2cwavBuild wavelet from pattern
scal2frqScale to frequency
shanwavfComplex Shannon wavelet
wavefunWavelet and scaling functions
wavefun2Wavelet and scaling functions 2-D
wavsupportWavelet support
wavemngrWavelet manager
waveletfamiliesWavelet families and family members
waveinfoWavelets information


Wavelet AnalyzerAnalyze signals and images using wavelets


Introduction to Wavelet Families

See an overview of wavelet families included in the toolbox.

Wavelet Families and Associated Properties — I

View the properties of Morlet, Mexican hat, Meyer, Haar, Daubechies, symlet, coiflet, and biorthogonal wavelet families.

Wavelet Families and Associated Properties — II

View the properties of reverse biorthogonal, Gaussian, discrete appoximation of Meyer, complex Gaussian, frequency B-spline, and Shannon wavelet families.

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