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Node index to node depth-position


[D,P] = ind2depo(ORD,[D P])


ind2depo is a tree-management utility.

For a tree of order ORD, [D,P] = ind2depo(ORD,N) computes the depths D and the positions P (at these depths D) for the nodes with indices N.

The nodes are numbered from left to right and from top to bottom. The root index is 0.

N must be a column vector of integers (N ≥ 0).

Note that [D,P] = ind2depo(ORD,[D P]).


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Create a binary wavelet packet tree with three levels.

Ord = 2;
Lev = 3;
T = ntree(Ord,Lev);

Plot the binary wavelet packet tree.


Obtain the indices of the nodes in linear order.

idx = allnodes(T);

Conver the indices to depth-position format.

[depth,pos] = ind2depo(Ord,idx);
ans =

  15x2 table

    depth    pos
    _____    ___

    0        0  
    1        0  
    1        1  
    2        0  
    2        1  
    2        2  
    2        3  
    3        0  
    3        1  
    3        2  
    3        3  
    3        4  
    3        5  
    3        6  
    3        7  

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