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Morlet wavelet


[PSI,X] = morlet(LB,UB,N)


[PSI,X] = morlet(LB,UB,N) returns values of the Morlet wavelet on an N point regular grid in the interval [LB,UB].

Output arguments are the wavelet function PSI computed on the grid X, and the grid X.

This wavelet has [-4 4] as effective support. Although [-4 4] is the correct theoretical effective support, a wider effective support, [-8 8], is used in the computation to provide more accurate results.


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This example shows how to create a Morlet wavelet. The wavelet has an effective support of [-4,4]. Use 1,000 sample points.

lb = -4;
ub = 4;
n = 1000;
[psi,xval] = morlet(lb,ub,n);
title('Morlet Wavelet');

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Introduced before R2006a

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