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Perform multisignal 1-D thresholding


Y = mswthresh(X,SORH,T)
Y = mswthresh(X,SORH,T,'c')
Y = mswthresh(X,'s',T)
Y = mswthresh(X,'h',T)


Y = mswthresh(X,SORH,T) returns soft (if SORH='s') or hard (if SORH='h') T-thresholding of the input matrix X. T can be a single value, a matrix of the same size as X or a vector. In this last case, thresholding is performed rowwise and LT = length(T) must be such that size(X,1)LT.

Y = mswthresh(X,SORH,T,'c') performs a columnwise thresholding and size(X,2)LT.

Y = mswthresh(X,'s',T) returns Y = SIGN(X).(|X|-T)+, soft thresholding is shrinkage.

Y = mswthresh(X,'h',T) returns Y = X.1_(|X|>T), hard thresholding is cruder.

Introduced in R2007a

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