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Wavelet support


[LB,UB] = wavsupport(wname)


[LB,UB] = wavsupport(wname) returns the lower bound, LB, and upper bound, UB, of the support for the wavelet specified by wname. wname is any valid wavelet. For real-valued wavelets with and without scaling functions and complex-valued wavelets without scaling functions (wavelets type 3,4, and 5), the bounds indicate the effective support of the wavelet. For orthogonal and biorthogonal wavelets (type 1 and type 2), the lower and upper bounds are -0.5*(LF-1) and 0.5*(LF-1), where LF is the length of the wavelet filter.


Support of Haar wavelet:

[LB, UB] = wavsupport('haar');
LowerBound = -0.5*(2-1);
UpperBound = 0.5*(2-1);
% Compare [LB,UB] and [LowerBound, UpperBound]

Effective support of complex-valued Gaussian wavelet:

[LB,UB] = wavsupport('cgau3');

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Introduced in R2010b

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