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Reconstruct wavelet packet coefficients


X = wprcoef(T,N)
X = wprcoef(T)
X = wprcoef(T,0)


wprcoef is a one- or two-dimensional wavelet packet analysis function.

X = wprcoef(T,N) computes reconstructed coefficients of the node N of the wavelet packet tree T.

X = wprcoef(T) is equivalent to X = wprcoef(T,0).


% The current extension mode is zero-padding (see dwtmode)

% Load signal. 
load noisdopp; x = noisdopp;

figure(1); subplot(211); 
plot(x); title('Original signal');

% Decompose x at depth 3 with db1 wavelet packets 
% using Shannon entropy. 
t = wpdec(x,3,'db1','shannon');

% Plot wavelet packet tree. 

% Reconstruct packet (2,1). 
rcfs = wprcoef(t,[2 1]);

figure(1); subplot(212); 
plot(rcfs); title('Reconstructed packet (2,1)');

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Introduced before R2006a

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