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WPTREE constructor


T = wptree(ORDER,DEPTH,X,WNAME,'shannon')


T = wptree(ORDER,DEPTH,X,WNAME,ENT_TYPE,PARAMETER) returns a complete wavelet packet tree T.

ORDER is an integer representing the order of the tree (the number of “children” of each non terminal node). ORDER must be equal to 2 or 4.

If ORDER = 2, T is a WPTREE object corresponding to a wavelet packet decomposition of the vector (signal) X, at level DEPTH with a particular wavelet WNAME.

If ORDER = 4, T is a WPTREE object corresponding to a wavelet packet decomposition of the matrix (image) X, at level DEPTH with a particular wavelet WNAME.

ENT_TYPE is a character vector containing the entropy type and ENT_PAR is an optional parameter used for entropy computation (see wentropy, wpdec, or wpdec2 for more information).

T = wptree(ORDER,DEPTH,X,WNAME) is equivalent to T = wptree(ORDER,DEPTH,X,WNAME,'shannon')

With T = wptree(ORDER,DEPTH,X,WNAME,ENT_TYPE,ENT_PAR,USERDATA) you may set a userdata field.

The function wptree returns a WPTREE object.

For more information on object fields, see the get function or type

help wptree/get

Class WPTREE (Parent class: DTREE)


'dtree'DTREE parent object
'wavInfo'Structure (wavelet information)
'entInfo'Structure (entropy information)

The wavelet information structure, 'wavInfo', contains

'wavName'Wavelet name
'Lo_D'Low Decomposition filter
'Hi_D'High Decomposition filter
'Lo_R'Low Reconstruction filter
'Hi_R'High Reconstruction filter

The entropy information structure, 'entInfo', contains

'entName'Entropy name
'entPar'Entropy parameter

Fields from the DTREE parent object:


All nodes information

'allNI' is an array of size nbnode by 5, which contains

sizeSize of data
entoOptimal entropy

Each line is built based on the following scheme:


% Create a wavelet packet tree.
x = rand(1,512);
t = wptree(2,3,x,'db3');
t = wpjoin(t,[4;5]);

% Plot tree t4.

% Click the node (3,0), (see the plot function).

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Introduced before R2006a

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