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Wavelet Toolbox manager


V = wtbxmngr('version')


wtbxmngr or wtbxmngr('version') displays the current version of Wavelet Toolbox™ software.

wtbxmngr(OPTION) sets a toolbox option. Available options are

'LargeFonts'Sets the size of future-created figures to use large fonts.
'DefaultSize'Restores the default figure size for future- created figures.
'FigRatio'Returns the current figure ratio value.
'FigRatio',ratioChanges the size of future-created figures by multiplying the default size by the specified ratio, where ratio must be between 0.75 and 1.25.

V = wtbxmngr('version') saves the current version of the toolbox to variable V.



**  Wavelet Toolbox Version: V3.1  **

wtbxmngr('FigRatio')      % Display the current figure ratio
wtbxmngr('FigRatio',1.25) % Set the figure ratio to 1.25
wtbxmngr('FigRatio')      % Display the current figure ratio
wtbxmngr('DefaultSize')   % Return to the default figure ratio

Introduced before R2006a

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