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Soft or hard thresholding


Y = wthresh(X,SORH,T)
Y = wthresh(X,'s',T)
Y = wthresh(X,'h',T)


Y = wthresh(X,SORH,T) returns the soft (if SORH = 's') or hard (if SORH = 'h') thresholding of the input vector or matrix X. T is the threshold value.

Y = wthresh(X,'s',T) returns , soft thresholding is wavelet shrinkage ( (x)+ = 0 if x < 0; (x)+ = x, if x ≥ 0 ).

Y = wthresh(X,'h',T) returns , hard thresholding is cruder.


% Generate signal and set threshold. 
y = linspace(-1,1,100); 
thr = 0.4;

% Perform hard thresholding. 
ythard = wthresh(y,'h',thr);

% Perform soft thresholding. 
ytsoft = wthresh(y,'s',thr);

% Using some plotting commands,
% the following figure is generated.

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