Signal Analysis

Decimated and nondecimated transforms, multiresolution analysis, lifting transforms, fractional Brownian motion


dyaddown Dyadic downsampling
dyadup Dyadic upsampling
upcoef Direct reconstruction from 1-D wavelet coefficients
appcoef 1-D approximation coefficients
detcoef 1-D detail coefficients
wrcoef Reconstruct single branch from 1-D wavelet coefficients
dwt Single-level discrete 1-D wavelet transform
dwtmode Discrete wavelet transform extension mode
idwt Single-level inverse discrete 1-D wavelet transform
waverec Multilevel 1-D wavelet reconstruction
wavedec Multilevel 1-D wavelet decomposition
upwlev Single-level reconstruction of 1-D wavelet decomposition
lwt 1-D lifting wavelet transform
lwtcoef Extract or reconstruct 1-D LWT wavelet coefficients
ilwt Inverse 1-D lifting wavelet transform
swt Discrete stationary wavelet transform 1-D
iswt Inverse discrete stationary wavelet transform 1-D
dddtree Dual-tree and double-density 1-D wavelet transform
dddtreecfs Extract dual-tree/double-density wavelet coefficients or projections
dtfilters Analysis and synthesis filters for oversampled wavelet filter banks
idddtree Inverse dual-tree and double-density 1-D wavelet transform
plotdt Plot dual-tree or double-density wavelet transform
wenergy Energy for 1-D wavelet or wavelet packet decomposition
wvarchg Find variance change points
wmaxlev Maximum wavelet decomposition level
wfbm Fractional Brownian motion synthesis
wfbmesti Parameter estimation of fractional Brownian motion
measerr Approximation quality metrics
wrev Flip vector
wextend Extend vector or matrix
wkeep Keep part of vector or matrix
wavemenu Wavelet Toolbox GUI tools
wavemngr Wavelet manager
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