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WLAN System Toolbox Functions

Alphabetical List By Category
biterrCompute number of bit errors and bit error rate (BER)
comm.ConstellationDiagramDisplay a constellation diagram for input signals
comm.ErrorRateCompute bit or symbol error rate of input data
comm.EVMMeasure error vector magnitude
comm.PhaseFrequencyOffsetApply phase and frequency offsets to input signal
dsp.ArrayPlotDisplay vectors or arrays
dsp.SpectrumAnalyzerDisplay frequency spectrum of time-domain signals
dsp.TimeScopeTime domain signal display and measurement
stdchanConstruct channel object from set of standardized channel models
wlanBCCDecodeConvolutionally decode input data
wlanBCCDeinterleaveDeinterleave binary convolutionally interleaved input
wlanBCCEncodeConvolutionally encode binary data
wlanBCCInterleaveInterleave binary convolutionally encoded input
wlanCoarseCFOEstimateCoarse estimate of carrier frequency offset
wlanConstellationDemapConstellation demapping
wlanConstellationMapConstellation mapping
wlanDMGConfigCreate DMG format configuration object
wlanDMGConfig.phyType Return DMG PHY modulation type
wlanDMGDataBitRecoverRecover data bits from DMG data field
wlanDMGHeaderBitRecoverRecover header bits from DMG header field
wlanFieldIndicesGenerate PPDU field indices
wlanFineCFOEstimateFine estimate of carrier frequency offset
wlanFormatDetectPacket format detection
wlanGeneratorConfig(Not recommended) Create waveform generator configuration object
wlanGolaySequenceGenerate Golay sequence
wlanHTConfigCreate HT format configuration object
wlanHTDataGenerate HT-Data field waveform
wlanHTDataRecoverRecover HT data
wlanHTLTFGenerate HT-LTF waveform
wlanHTLTFChannelEstimateChannel estimation using HT-LTF
wlanHTLTFDemodulateDemodulate HT-LTF waveform
wlanHTSIGGenerate HT-SIG waveform
wlanHTSIGRecoverRecover HT-SIG information bits
wlanHTSTFGenerate HT-STF waveform
wlanLLTFGenerate L-LTF waveform
wlanLLTFChannelEstimateChannel estimation using L-LTF
wlanLLTFDemodulateDemodulate L-LTF waveform
wlanLSIGGenerate L-SIG waveform
wlanLSIGRecoverRecover L-SIG information bits
wlanLSTFGenerate L-STF waveform
wlanNonHTConfigCreate non-HT format configuration object
wlanNonHTDataGenerate non-HT-Data field waveform
wlanNonHTDataRecoverRecover non-HT data
wlanPacketDetectOFDM packet detection using L-STF
wlanRecoveryConfigCreate data recovery configuration object
wlanS1GConfigCreate S1G format configuration object
wlanS1GConfig.packetFormat Return S1G packet format
wlanSampleRateReturn the nominal sample rate
wlanScrambleScramble and descramble binary input sequence
wlanSegmentDeparseBitsSegment-deparse data bits
wlanSegmentDeparseSymbolsSegment-deparse data subcarriers
wlanSegmentParseBitsSegment-parse data bits
wlanSegmentParseSymbolsSegment-parse data subcarriers
wlanStreamDeparseStream-deparse binary input
wlanStreamParseStream-parse binary input
wlanSymbolTimingEstimateFine symbol timing estimate using L-LTF
wlanTGacChannelFilter signal through 802.11ac multipath fading channel
wlanTGahChannelFilter signal through 802.11ah multipath fading channel
wlanTGnChannel Filter signal through 802.11n multipath fading channel
wlanVHTConfigCreate VHT format configuration object
wlanVHTDataGenerate VHT-Data field
wlanVHTDataRecoverRecover VHT data
wlanVHTLTFGenerate VHT-LTF waveform
wlanVHTLTFChannelEstimateChannel estimation using VHT-LTF
wlanVHTLTFDemodulateDemodulate VHT-LTF waveform
wlanVHTSIGAGenerate VHT-SIG-A waveform
wlanVHTSIGARecoverRecover VHT-SIG-A information bits
wlanVHTSIGBGenerate VHT-SIG-B waveform
wlanVHTSIGBRecoverRecover VHT-SIG-B information bits
wlanVHTSTFGenerate VHT-STF waveform
wlanWaveformGeneratorGenerate WLAN waveform
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