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Getting Started with WLAN System Toolbox


Mapping of 802.11 Standards to WLAN System Toolbox Configuration Functions

The mapping between 802.11™ standards, packet formats, and WLAN System Toolbox™ functions is outlined here.

Create Configuration Objects

This section describes creation of configuration objects that are used to store the properties required to generate WLAN waveforms and to recover signal data.

Waveform Generation

Describes waveform generation for the various WLAN PPDU formats.

WLAN Channel Models

Using WLAN channel models to add channel impairments to WLAN transmissions.

Packet Recovery

Describes recovery of WLAN packets for various PPDU formats.

About WLAN

What Is WLAN?

Describes WLAN for the benefit of the new user. Also indicates scope of coverage for WLAN System Toolbox.

WLAN Packet Structure

Describes the WLAN packet structures you can model using WLAN System Toolbox.

WLAN Radio Frequency Channels

Describes WLAN Radio Frequency Channels.

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