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Return the nominal sample rate


fs = wlanSampleRate(cfgFormat)



fs = wlanSampleRate(cfgFormat) returns the nominal sample rate for the specified format configuration object cfgFormat.


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Get the sample rate for a VHT format configuration in samples per second.

cfgVHT = wlanVHTConfig;
fs = wlanSampleRate(cfgVHT)
fs = 80000000

Input Arguments

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Packet format configuration, specified as a wlanDMGConfig, wlanS1GConfig, wlanVHTConfig, wlanHTConfig, or wlanNonHTConfig object. The type of cfgFormat object determines the nominal sample rate. For a description of the properties and valid settings for the various packet format configuration objects, see:

Output Arguments

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Sample rate in samples per second, returned as an scalar.

Introduced in R2017b

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