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WLAN Modeling

Describes physical layer options, parameterization, and waveform generation using WLAN System Toolbox™

WLAN System Toolbox provides functions for modeling 802.11b/a/j/p/g/n/ac/ah/ad physical layer processing. Format configuration objects are used to parametrize these functions and to create WLAN waveforms compliant with IEEE® 802.11 standards.


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wlanDMGConfigCreate DMG format configuration object
wlanS1GConfigCreate S1G format configuration object
wlanVHTConfigCreate VHT format configuration object
wlanHTConfigCreate HT format configuration object
wlanNonHTConfigCreate non-HT format configuration object
wlanRecoveryConfigCreate data recovery configuration object
wlanDMGConfig.phyType Return DMG PHY modulation type
wlanS1GConfig.packetFormat Return S1G packet format
wlanWaveformGeneratorGenerate WLAN waveform
wlanSampleRateReturn the nominal sample rate
wlanScrambleScramble and descramble binary input sequence
wlanConstellationMapConstellation mapping
wlanConstellationDemapConstellation demapping
wlanBCCInterleaveInterleave binary convolutionally encoded input
wlanBCCDeinterleaveDeinterleave binary convolutionally interleaved input
wlanStreamParseStream-parse binary input
wlanStreamDeparseStream-deparse binary input
wlanSegmentParseBitsSegment-parse data bits
wlanSegmentDeparseBitsSegment-deparse data bits
wlanSegmentDeparseSymbolsSegment-deparse data subcarriers
wlanSegmentParseSymbolsSegment-parse data subcarriers
wlanBCCEncodeConvolutionally encode binary data
wlanBCCDecodeConvolutionally decode input data
wlanGolaySequenceGenerate Golay sequence


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wlanDMGConfig PropertiesDefine parameter values for DMG format packet
wlanS1GConfig PropertiesDefine parameter values for S1G format packet
wlanVHTConfig PropertiesDefine parameter values for VHT format packet
wlanHTConfig PropertiesDefine parameter values for HT format packet
wlanNonHTConfig PropertiesDefine parameter values for non-HT format packet
wlanRecoveryConfig PropertiesDefine parameter values for data recovery


Waveform Generation and Reception


Learn about HE waveform generation and simulation.


Build DMG PPDUs by using the waveform generator function.

Build S1G PPDU

Build S1G PPDUs by using the waveform generator function.


Build VHT PPDUs by using the waveform generator function or by building each field individually.


Build HT PPDUs by using the waveform generator function or by building each field individually.

Build Non-HT PPDU

Build non-HT PPDUs by using the waveform generator function or by building each field individually.

Generate Multi-User VHT Waveform

Generate a multi-user VHT waveform from individual components.

Basic VHT Data Recovery Steps

Perform basic VHT data recovery.


Mapping of 802.11 Standards to WLAN System Toolbox Configuration Functions

The mapping between 802.11™ standards, packet formats, and WLAN System Toolbox functions is outlined here.

WLAN Parameterization

Describes the value objects defined in WLAN System Toolbox.

WLAN Packet Structure

Describes the WLAN packet structures you can model using WLAN System Toolbox.

Packet Size and Duration Dependencies

Discuss properties that determine packet size and duration constraints.

Processing Chain

Transmit-Receive Chain

Describes transmit - receive processing chains you can model using WLAN System Toolbox.

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