Blocks for analog-to-digital converters manufactured by National Instruments®, UEI, and others
  • Contec
    Contec AD and ADI series PCI A/D converters
  • Diamond Systems
    Diamond Systems MM and Prometheus/Athena series A/D converters, example
  • General Standards
    General Standards PMC-ADADIO series A/D converters with enable signal, overview, how-to, example
    HUMUSOFT® AD and MF series A/D converters
  • Measurement Computing
    Measurement Computing™ DAS series PC104, PCI, and PCIM A/D converters
  • National Instruments
    National Instruments E Series and M Series PCI, and PXI® A/D converters
  • Quanser
    Quanser Q4 and Q8 A/D converters
  • Real Time Devices
    Real Time Devices DM series A/D converters
  • Sensoray
    Sensoray 526 series A/D converters
  • UEI
    UEI (United Electronic Industries) MF and MFS series A/D converters
  • Versalogic
    Versalogic VSBC series A/D converters
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