xPCFileSystem Class

File system drives and folders


public class xPCFileSystem


Namespace: MathWorks.xPCTarget.FrameWork

Syntax Language: C#

public class xPCFileSystem initializes file system drive and folder objects.

There are the following limitations:

  • You can have at most eight files open on the target computer at the same time.

  • The largest single file that you can create on the target computer is 4 GB.

  • A fully qualified folder name can have a maximum of 248 characters, including the drive letter, colon, and backslash.

  • A fully qualified file name can have a maximum of 260 characters: The file part can have at most 12 characters: eight for the file name, one for the period, and at most three for the file extension. A file name longer than eight characters is truncated to six characters followed by '~1'.

  • Do not write data to the private folder on your target computer. It is reserved for Simulink® Real-Time™ internal use.


xPCFileSystem.CreateDirectoryCreate folder
xPCFileSystem.GetCurrentDirectoryCurrent working folder for real-time application
xPCFileSystem.GetDrivesDrive names for the logical drives on the target computer
xPCFileSystem.RemoveFileRemove file name from target computer
xPCFileSystem.SetCurrentDirectoryCurrent folder

Introduced in R2011b

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