Copy maximum task execution time to array


void xPCMaximumTET(int port, double *data);



Enter the value returned by the function xPCOpenTcpIpPort.


Array of at least two doubles.


The xPCMaximumTET function gets the maximum task execution time (TET) that was achieved during the previous real-time application run. This function also returns the time at which the maximum TET was achieved. The xPCMaximumTET function then copies these values into the data array. The maximum TET value is copied into the first element, and the time at which it was achieved is copied into the second element.

Task execution time (TET) measures how long it takes the kernel to run for one base-rate time step. For a multirate model, use the profiler to find out what the execution time is for each rate.

Introduced before R2006a

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