Blocks for boards manufactured by GE® Intelligent Systems

Simulink® Real-Time™ supports the ARINC 429 bus via the CEI-520A, RCEI-530, CEI-530, RCEI-830A, and CEI-830 series boards manufactured by GE Intelligent Platforms ( – formerly Condor Engineering®.


Condor Decode ARINC 429 Words from Receive Decode ARINC 429 Words from Receive block
Condor Encode ARINC 429 Words for Send Encode ARINC 429 Words for Send block
Condor CEI-520A Initialize Condor CEI-520A Initialize block
Condor CEI-520A Receive Condor CEI-520A Receive block
Condor CEI-520A Send Condor CEI-520A Send block
Condor (GE-IP) RCEI-530 Initialize Condor RCEI-530 Initialize block, Condor CEI-530 Initialize block
Condor (GE-IP) RCEI-530 Send Condor RCEI-530 Send block, Condor CEI-530 Send block
Condor (GE-IP) RCEI-530 Receive Condor RCEI-530 Receive block, Condor CEI-530 Receive block
Condor (GE-IP) RCEI-830A Initialize Condor RCEI-830A Initialize block, Condor CEI-830 Initialize block
Condor (GE-IP) RCEI-830A Send Condor RCEI-830A Send block,Condor CEI-830 Send block
Condor (GE-IP) RCEI-830A Receive Condor RCEI-830A Receive block, Condor CEI-830 Receive block


Condor CEI-520A Support for ARINC 429 CEI-520A boards.
Condor (GE-IP) RCEI-530 Support for ARINC 429 RCEI-530 and CEI-530 boards
Condor (GE-IP) RCEI-830A Support for ARINC 429 RCEI-830A and CEI-830 boards
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