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Development and Target Computer Setup

Development and target computer configuration with Simulink® Real-Time™ Explorer or MATLAB® language

To run a real-time application on a target computer, first configure your target computer with the required I/O modules and Ethernet ports. Physically connect it to the development computer with a TCP/IP Ethernet link. Configure the Simulink Real-Time target settings with Simulink Real-Time Explorer or MATLAB language. Finally, build and download the real-time application to the target computer.


Simulink Real-Time Explorer Interact with target computer and real-time application running on target computer

Using Objects

Real-Time Application Represent real-time application and target computer status


Target Settings Properties Settings related to target computer
Real-Time Application Properties Properties of real-time application and target computer


slrt Interface for managing target computer
slrtexplr Configure target computer and real-time application for execution
slrttest Test Simulink Real-Time installation
SimulinkRealTime.addTarget Add target computer interface
SimulinkRealTime.removeTarget Remove target computer interface
SimulinkRealTime.targetSettings.setAsDefaultTarget Set specific target computer as default target computer
SimulinkRealTime.utils.minimumSampleTime Determine the minimum sample time at which a model can run
SimulinkRealTime.getTargetSettings Get target computer environment settings
SimulinkRealTime.getSupportInfo Diagnostic information to troubleshoot configuration issues Interface for managing target computer Return information about PCI boards installed in target computer
SimulinkRealTime.utils.getConsoleLog Retrieve the log that the kernel writes to the target computer screen


1. Development Computer Setup

Development Computer Requirements

Configuring the CPU, peripherals, and Ethernet interface of the development computer.

2. Target Computer Setup

Target Computer Requirements

Configuring the CPU, peripheral, Ethernet interface, and I/O boards for a custom target computer.

4. Installation Test

Run Confidence Test on Configuration

Test the basic operation of your Simulink Real-Time system.

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