Development and Target Computer Setup

Development and target computer configuration with Simulink® Real-Time™ Explorer or MATLAB® language

To run a real-time application on a target computer, first configure your target computer with the required I/O modules and Ethernet ports. Physically connect it to the development computer with a TCP/IP Ethernet link. Configure the Simulink Real-Time target settings with Simulink Real-Time Explorer or MATLAB language. Finally, build and download the real-time application to the target computer.

Using Objects

Real-Time Application Represent real-time application and target computer status


Target Settings Properties Store settings related to target computer
Real-Time Application Properties Properties of real-time application and target computer


slrt Create object that manages target computer
slrtexplr Configure target computer and real-time application for execution
slrttest Test Simulink Real-Time installation
SimulinkRealTime.addTarget Add new Simulink Real-Time target object
SimulinkRealTime.removeTarget Remove environment data associated with target name
SimulinkRealTime.targetSettings.setAsDefaultTarget Set specific target computer environment object as default
SimulinkRealTime.utils.minimumSampleTime Determine the minimum sample time at which a model can run
SimulinkRealTime.getTargetSettings Get target computer environment settings
SimulinkRealTime.getSupportInfo Diagnostic information to troubleshoot configuration issues Create object representing real-time application on target computer Return information about PCI boards installed in target computer
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