Audio Processing

This model shows how to input, output, and display audio signals using the General Standards 24DSI12 and 16AO16 boards. It requires the DSP System Toolbox™, for the Frame Conversion block.

This example uses 8 of the available 12 channels, and could be expanded to use 12 very easily. The selector blocks on each channel's signal line select the first sample of each frame for display. The Target Scope block cannot display a whole frame.

Setup: The 24DSI12 supplies a clock for the 16AO16 board. The clock signal is a two-wire LVDS connection. Connect B29 and B30 on the 24DSI12 to pins B34 and B33 on the 16AO16. Twist the wires together as a twisted pair between the terminal blocks. The model is configured to run when the 14DSI12 signals a frame-completion interrupt.

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