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Audio Tone Control using General Standards Boards

This model demonstrates tone control audio processing using General Standards I/O boards. Left and right channel inputs are digitized with the 24DSI12 board, processed using the Tone Filters subsystem, and then fed to the 16AO16 board for output.

The Tone Filters subsystem implements Bass, Mid, and Treble filters. Coefficients are selectable from a bank of filters and are slewed between the selected indices.


In order to run this demo, you must have the DSP System Toolbox™.

To test this model:

  1. Connect the differential pair B29/B30 on the 24DSI12 to B34/B33 on the 16AO16 boards.

  2. Attach a source (e.g., signal generator, mp3 player) to channels 1 & 2 of the 24DSI12 board.

  3. Attach a sink (e.g., speaker) to channels 1 & 2 of the 16AO16 board.

  4. Build, download, and run the model.

  5. Control the filter banks using the tone control GUI: tone_gui

  6. Note: To use tone_gui you must run tone_controls_xpc.mdl in External mode.

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