CAN I/O FIFO Mode - Simple Use Case

This model shows CAN I/O communication using the First-In, First-Out (FIFO) mode of the Softing® CAN-AC2-PCI board.

Important: CAN_MESSAGE data types are used for message storage. See the Can Pack and Can Unpack blocks in the Encode Messages and For Iterator Decoder subsystems for details.


For this example, the CAN network consists of a single physical connection between CAN port 1 and CAN port 2 (loop-back configuration). To test this model:

  1. Install the CAN-AC2-PCI board in the target computer.

  2. Use a serial 9-pin/9-pin cable (directly wired) to connect CAN port 1 and CAN port 2.

  3. Set the switches on the board backplane to terminate both ports.

  4. Boot the target computer as an xPC Target™ machine.

  5. At the MATLAB® command prompt, type xpccanpcififo1sdemo to download and run the model on the target computer.

Model for PC/104 Systems

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