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CAN I/O - Message-Based Interrupts

This model shows how to do asynchronous message-based event support using interrupt-driven CAN I/O communication with the Softing® CAN-AC2-PCI board.

Important: CAN_MESSAGE data types are used for message storage. See the Can Pack and Can Unpack blocks for details.


For this example, the CAN network consists of a single physical connection between CAN port 1 and CAN port 2 (loop-back configuration). To test this model:

  1. Install the CAN-AC2-PCI board in the target computer.

  2. Use a serial 9-pin/9-pin cable (directly wired) to connect CAN port 1 and CAN port 2.

  3. Set the switches on the board backplane to terminate both ports.

  4. Boot the target computer.

  5. At the MATLAB® command prompt, type xpccanintpcisdemo to download and run the model on the target computer.

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