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Image Capture with Camera Link® and Bitflow™ Neon-CLB Frame Grabber

This example shows how to capture and view video images from a Camera Link camera attached to the Bitflow™ Neon-CLB frame grabber board. Images are acquired with the model dxpcImMultiTarget running on the target computer and viewed with the model dxpcImMultiHost running on the development computer. dxpcImMultiTarget is a multirate multitasking model. Images are captured at 30Hz and then compressed and transmitted to the development computer at 10 Hz.


  • Computer Vision System Toolbox™

  • Bitflow Neon-CLB frame grabber installed in the target computer

  • Bitflow SDK installed on the development computer

  • Camera Link camera supported by the Bitflow Neon-CLB frame grabber

Open, Build, and Download the Target Computer Model to TargetPC1

Click here to open the target computer model: dxpcImMultiTarget.

% Open the model.
mdlOpen = 0;
systems = find_system('type', 'block_diagram');
if ~any(strcmp(systems,'dxpcImMultiTarget'))
  mdlOpen = 1;

% Build the model and download to the target computer, TargetPC1.
set_param('dxpcImMultiTarget','RTWVerbose','off'); % Configure for a non-Verbose build.
rtwbuild('dxpcImMultiTarget');                     % Build and download application.
### Starting Simulink Real-Time build procedure for model: dxpcImMultiTarget
### Generated code for 'dxpcImMultiTarget' is up to date because no structural, parameter or code replacement library changes were found.
### Successful completion of build procedure for model: dxpcImMultiTarget
### Looking for target: TargetPC1
### Download model onto target: TargetPC1
% Close the target model if we opened it.
if (mdlOpen)

Open the Development Computer Model

Click here to open the Simulink® model on the development computer: dxpcImMultiHost.

This model receives compressed images sent by dxpcImMultiTarget, decompresses the images, and renders them to a video display.

% Open the model.
mdlOpen = 0;
systems = find_system('type', 'block_diagram');
if ~any(strcmp(systems,'dxpcImMultiHost'))
  mdlOpen = 1;

Start and Run the Models

% Using the Simulink Real-Time(TM) object variables |tg|, start the target computer model.
start(tg); % Start the target computer model.
pause(1);  % Wait for 1 sec.

% Start the Simulink model.
set_param(bdroot,'SimulationCommand','start'); % Start the develpment computer model.
pause(10);  % Wait for 10 sec.

Display the Images

% Render the video display.
open_system([bdroot,'/To Video Display']);

% Plot the image size.

stop(tg); % Stop the target computer model.
set_param(bdroot,'SimulationCommand','stop'); % Stop the Simulink model.

% Close the development computer model if we opened it.
if (mdlOpen)

% EOF dxpcImMultiDemo.m
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