Getting Started with Simulink Real-Time


Set Up and Configure Simulink Real-Time

Configure Simulink® Real-Time™ to start a PCI target computer with the network boot method.

Create and Run Real-Time Application from Simulink Model

Adapt a Simulink model to run as a real-time model on a target computer.

Configure and Control a Real-Time Application

Use Simulink Real-Time Explorer to run a real-time application and tune parameters.

About Real-Time Simulation

Rapid Control Prototyping Process

Interactively test a rapid control prototype model with a physical system plant model.

Hardware-in-the-Loop Simulation Process

Verify a physical prototype with a Simulink Real-Time plant model.

Alternative Configuration and Control Methods

Learn about using Simulink Real-Time interactively and by writing scripts and programs.

Internationalization Issues

Learn about Simulink Real-Time support for internationalization.

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