Execute Real-Time Application Using Simulink Real-Time Explorer

To perform this procedure, you must have already created a Simulink® Real-Time™ boot disk and started the target computer. See Start Target Computer. This procedure begins with a real-time application already downloaded to the target computer (see Build and Download Real-Time Application).

  1. In the MATLAB® window, type slrtexplr.

  2. In the Targets pane, click the target computer icon for which you have downloaded the real-time application and click the Connect icon   on the toolbar.

    The target computer icon turns to Connected .

  3. In the Applications pane, select the real-time application.

  4. To start execution, click the real-time application and click the Start icon   on the toolbar.

    The application starts running. The dialog box looks like this figure.

    You can view the output of the real-time Scope block by connecting a monitor to your target computer.

  5. To stop execution, click the real-time application and click the Stop icon   on the toolbar.

    The real-time application on the target computer stops running. The target computer displays messages like these messages.

    minimal TET: 0.0000006 at time 0.001250
    maximal TET: 0.0000013 at time 75.405500
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