Set Target Scope Block Parameters

Scope block parameters define the signals to trace on the scope and trigger modes. The Simulink® Real-Time™ Scope block dialog box changes depending on which scope type you are configuring: target, host, or file. For this tutorial, configure a target scope.

For more information about real-time Scope parameters, see Configure Real-Time Host Scope Blocks.

  1. In the MATLAB® window, type xpc_osc2.

    MATLAB loads the oscillator model and displays the Simulink block diagram.

  2. Double-click block Scope.

  3. Select Scope type Target. This value means that the scope display appears on the target computer monitor.

  4. In the block parameters dialog box, select the Start scope when application starts check box.

    This setting is mandatory in Stand Alone mode because the development computer is not available to issue a command to start scopes.

  5. Select Scope mode Graphical redraw.

  6. Select the Grid check box.

  7. Type [0,0] in the Y-axis limits text box. This value means that display scaling is auto.

  8. Type 1000 in the Number of samples text box. For a Scope mode of Graphical redraw, this value means that 1000 samples are acquired before the graph is redrawn.

  9. Type 0 in the Number of pre/post samples text box. This value means that samples are not saved before a trigger or skipped after a trigger.

  10. Type 1 in the Decimation text box. This value means that data is collected at each sample interval.

  11. Select Trigger mode FreeRun. This value means that the trigger event is automatic and no external trigger specification is required.

    The target scope dialog box looks like this figure.

  12. Do one of the following:

    • Click Apply to apply the changes to the model and leave the dialog box open.

    • Click OK to apply the changes to the model and close the dialog box.

  13. From the File menu, click Save.

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