Humusoft AD 512 Digital Input

HUMUSOFT AD 512 Digital Input block (not recommended)


Simulink® Real-Time™ Library of Drivers No Longer Recommended for Use

Scaling Input to Output

Hardware Input

Block Output Data Type




TTL low = 0.0
TTL high = 1.0

Channel vector

Enter a numbers between 1 and 8. This driver allows the selection of individual digital line numbers in arbitrary order. The number of elements defines the number of digital input lines used.

For example, to use the first, second, and fifth digital input lines, enter


Number the lines beginning with 1, even if this board manufacturer starts numbering the lines with 0.

Sample time

Enter the base sample time or a multiple of the base sample time (-1 means sample time is inherited).

Base address

Enter the base address of the board. This entry must correspond to the DIP switch setting on the board. For example, if the DIP switch setting is 300 (hexadecimal), enter 0x300.

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