J1939 Database (CANdb) Setup

J1939 Database Setup


Simulink® Real-Time™ Library for J1939


The J1939 Database Setup block is where you specify the user-supplied database for the J1939 block set. Use one block per model.

Block Parameters

J1939 database file

Specify the J1939 database location and file name. For example, enter J1939.dbc if the file is in the current folder; otherwise enter the full path with the file name, such as C:\work\J1939.dbc.

This file defines the J1939 message set and is in a format defined by Vector Informatik GmbH.


You must supply the database file. The Simulink Real-Time software does not supply this file.

J1939 Database Format

From the list, select:

  • J1939 PG — Full Extended CAN ID

    Specifies that the database format is the new version of CANdb. The block extracts the Parameter Group Number (PGN) from the full extended CAN ID (29–bit).

  • J1939 PG

    Specifies that the database format is simplified ID (CANDB++ 2.7 SP7 and before).

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Introduced in R2009a

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