J1939 Protocol Stack

J1939 Protocol Stack instance


Simulink® Real-Time™ Library for J1939


The J1939 Protocol Stack block defines a J1939 protocol stack instance that you can associate with the CAN boards. This block is useful for the transmission and reception of CAN data to or from the bus. For each selected CAN board, you must have a corresponding CAN FIFO Setup block in the model. The protocol stack handles both the regular J1939 communication and the (optional) Transport Protocol functionality. Use this block with the J1939 Transmit Message and/or J1939 Receive Message blocks.

Block Parameters

General tab:

Protocol Stack ID

Enter the protocol stack ID.

Max CAN Message Receive (Per Sample Time)

Specify maximum number of CAN messages that the block can receive (process) in a single sample time.

Max CAN Message Transmit (Per Sample Time)

Specify maximum number of CAN messages the block can send in a single sample time.

Sample time

Specify the sample rate for the protocol stack.

Transport Protocol tab:

Enable Transport Protocol

Select this check box to enable the transport protocol. Enabling the transport protocol allows for the sending and receiving of J1939 data, whose size is greater than 8 bytes, over the CAN bus.

Maximum Concurrent Sessions

Specify maximum transport protocol sessions that can be active at a given time.

Network Management tab

Enable Address Claiming

Select this check box to enable address claiming. Selecting this check box enables J1939 Controller Application blocks to negotiate node addresses with other nodes on the bus.

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Introduced in R2009a

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