JPEG Decompression

JPEG Decompression block


Simulink® Real-Time™ Library for Video Utilities


The JPEG Decompression block decompresses the video frame received by the target computer.

Block Inputs and Outputs




Vector of byte containing video data for the block to decompress.


Trigger for video decompression, active high.

Visible when the Show trigger input check box is set.




Decompressed video frame

Block Parameters

Image width

Specify the width, in bytes, of the video frame to be decompressed.

Image height

Specify the height, in bytes, of the video frame to be decompressed.

Output colorspace

One of the following:

  • Grayscale

    Compress the video frame using a grayscale color space scheme.

  • YCbCr 4;4:4

    Compress the video frame using the YCbCr color space scheme.

  • RGB

    Compress the video frame using the red, blue, green (RGB) color space scheme.

Image signal
  • One multidimensional signal

    One signal where each dimension contains color information. Selecting this option creates one port, Image.

  • Separate color signals

    Multiple color signals where each signal contains the information for one color. Selecting this option creates the following ports, depending upon the colorspace.

    • Grayscale: port Image

    • RGB: ports R, G, B

    • YCbCr: ports Y, Cb, Cr

Show trigger input

Select this check box to display an input port, Trigger, for the block.

Introduced in R2011a

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