Real Time Devices DM6814 Incremental Encoder

DM6814 Incremental Encoder block (not recommended)


Simulink® Real-Time™ Library of Drivers No Longer Recommended for Use.

To open this library, type xpcobsoletelib in the Command Window.

Scaling Input to Output

Hardware Output

Block Input Data Type





Block Parameters

Encode Channel

From the list choose, 1, 2, or 3. This parameter specifies which channel you use for this block. For the same board (same base address) two blocks cannot have the same channel number.

Counter initial value

Enter the initial value of the counter. The value must be between 1 and 216 − 1.

Enable counter reset on px.2 (index input)

If this check box is selected, the counter is reset to its initial value (default zero) whenever the incremental encoder is moved over its index mark.

For this purpose you must connect the incremental encoder index output to pin P0.2 for encoder channel 1, P2.2 for channel 2, and P4.2 for channel 3.

Sample time

Enter the base sample time or a multiple of the base sample time (-1 means sample time is inherited).

Base address

Enter the base address of the board. This entry must correspond to the DIP switch setting on the board. For example, if the DIP switch setting is 300 (hexadecimal), enter 0x300.

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