TI DM642 Init

TI DM642 initialization block (not recommended)


Simulink® Real-Time™ Library of Drivers No Longer Recommended for Use

Block Parameters


Specify a value, in hex, for the page to write into the DSP page register. For example, to select the DM642 memory address 0x80000000, enter a value of 0x200. This is the default value.

Modify this value only if you want the DM642 to use a new value.

    Note:   This page must match the one accessed by the Embedded Coder® model.

PCI slot (-1:autosearch)

If only one board of this type is in the target computer, enter -1 to locate the board.

If two or more boards of this type are in the target computer, enter the bus number and the PCI slot number of the board associated with this driver block. Use the format [BusNumber,SlotNumber].

To determine the bus number and the PCI slot number, type:

tg = slrt;
getPCIInfo(tg, 'installed')

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