XCP UDP Transport Layer

Send and receive XCP messages over real-time UDP

  • Library:
  • XCP


The XCP UDP Transport Layer block uses the specified Ethernet device to send and receive XCP messages. Specify the Ethernet device using the PCI bus, slot, and function numbers.

The combination of Local IP Address and Subnet mask must be unique across all Ethernet cards in the target computer, including the card for communicating between the development and target computers. Distinguish cards by specifying a different subnet for each. The subnet is the IP address masked by the subnet mask.


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Enter the IP address for the dedicated Ethernet board.

The addresses and are invalid local IP addresses.

If Local port is 0, the block chooses a port address from those available.

Mask that designates a logical subdivision of a network.

The gateway must be within the network.

To indicate that a gateway is not being used, enter (the default). The address is an invalid gateway IP address.

Enter the PCI bus number for the Ethernet card.

Enter the PCI slot number for the Ethernet card.

Enter the PCI function number for the Ethernet card.

Enter the base sample time or a multiple of the base sample time. -1 means sample time is inherited.

Maximum number of XCP messages sent

Introduced in R2014a

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