Profiling and Optimization

Execution profiling, display, analysis, and optimization by using Performance Advisor and MATLAB® functions

Profile the task execution time and function execution time of the real-time application that is running on the target computer. Then, you can tune its performance. See Execution Profiling for Real-Time Applications.

Using Objects

Real-Time ApplicationRepresent real-time application and target computer status
Profiler DataContains data returned from profiler

Functions profiling service on target computer profiling service on target computer profile data object profiling service state to Ready
SimulinkRealTime.utils.minimumSampleTimeDetermine the minimum sample time at which a model can run
plotGenerate profiler plot
reportGenerate profiler report


Real-Time Application PropertiesProperties of real-time application and target computer


Enable ProfilerStart and stop profiler on target computer


Execution Profiling for Real-Time Applications

Profile real-time application execution on target computers.

Execution Modes

Learn about the behavior of the interrupt, polling, and freerun execution modes.

TLC Command-Line Options

Configure the real-time application and the real-time kernel

Featured Examples

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