Real-Time UDP

Real-time communication using low-level internet protocol

Real-time UDP (Universal Datagram Protocol) is a real-time version of the UDP protocol. Real-time UDP runs on top of the Ethernet protocol. For more information about the standards, see

To model a real-time UDP network, use real-time UDP blocks. The blocks use raw Ethernet blocks that connect to boards that are compatible with PCI-standard bus architectures, such as PCI, PCI Express®, and PXI®. For detailed information about Ethernet boards, see the manufacturer documentation.

See Using Real-Time UDP Communications.


Real-Time UDP Configuration Configure network interface for real-time UDP communication
Receive Receive data over UDP network on a dedicated network interface
Send Send data over UDP network on a dedicated network interface
UDP Consume Consume a UDP packet
UDP Produce Produce UDP packet by adding a UDP header to the input data
UDP Rx Receive UDP packet
UDP Tx Transmit UDP packet

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