Double buffer parameter changes

Use a double buffer for parameter tuning. This setting enables parameter tuning so that the process of changing parameters in the real-time application uses a double buffer.


Default: off


Changes parameter tuning to use a double buffer.


Suppresses double buffering of parameter changes in the real-time application.


  • When a parameter change request is received, the new value is compared to the old one. If the new value is identical to the old one, it is discarded, and if different, it is queued.

  • At the start of execution of the next sample of the real-time task, the queued parameters are updated. This operation increases the task execution time (TET) and can cause a CPU overload error.

  • Double buffering leads to a more robust parameter tuning interface, but it increases task execution time and the higher probability of overloads. Under typical conditions, keep double buffering off (default).

  • If the real-time application contains MATLAB® variables as the value of block parameters, the software ignores this double buffering setting. Normal parameter tuning occurs.

Command-Line Information

Parameter: xpcDblBuff
Type: character vector
Value: 'on' | 'off'
Default: 'off'
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