Serial communication with RS-232/422/485 serial protocols

RS-232 is a mature standard for serial communication. To model an RS-232 network with the serial ports on the target computer, use the RS-232 protocol blocks. The blocks connect to boards that are compatible with PCI-standard bus architectures, such as PCI, PXI®, and PC/104.

With block parameters, you can configure the blocks to support the following boards:

For detailed information about these boards, see the manufacturer documentation.

See RS-232 I/O Drivers.


ASCII Encode/Decode (Composite) ASCII Encode/Decode
ASCII Decode V2 ASCII Decode V2
FIFO Read Binary (Composite) FIFO Read Binary
FIFO Read HDRS (Composite) FIFO Read HDRS block
FIFO Read/Write (Composite) FIFO Read/Write
RS-232/RS-422/RS-485 Send/Receive (Composite) RS-232/RS-422/RS-485 Send/Receive block
Modem Control (Composite) Modem Control block
Modem Status (Composite) Modem Status block
RS232 State (Composite) RS232 State block
RS-232/422/485 Board Setup (Commtech) and Interrupt Check (Quatech) (Composite) RS-232/422/485 Board Setup (Commtech) and Interrupt Check (Quatech) block
RS-232/422/485 Enable TX Interrupt (Composite) RS-232/422/485 Enable TX Interrupt block
RS-232/422/485 Filter Interrupt Reason (Composite) RS-232/422/485 Filter Interrupt Reason block
RS-232/422/485 Read Hardware FIFO (Composite) RS-232/422/485 Read Hardware FIFO block
RS-232/422/485 Read Int(errupt) Status (Composite) RS-232/422/485 Read Int(errupt) Status
RS-232/422/485 Setup (Composite) RS-232/422/485 Setup block
RS-232/422/485 Write Hardware FIFO (Composite) RS-232/422/485 Write Hardware FIFO block


fc422mexcalcbits Calculate parameter values for Fastcom 422/2-PCI board
macaddr Convert character vector-based MAC address to vector-based address
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