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IP series digital outputs

For detailed information about boards manufactured by Abaco, formerly GE® Intelligent Platforms, formerly SBS Technologies, see the manufacturer documentation (


SBS IP-Digital 24 Digital Output IP-Digital 24 Digital Output block
SBS IP-UD-IHV-16I80 Digital Output SBS IP-UD-IHV-16I80 Digital Output block
SBS IP-UD-IHV-8I160 Digital Output SBS IP-UD-IHV-8I160 Digital Output block
SBS IP-Unidig-E-48 Digital Output IP-Unidig-E-48 Digital Output block


SBS IP-Digital 24 Support for the SBS IP-Digital 24 I/O board
SBS IP-UD-IHV-16I80 Support for the SBS IP-UD-IHV–16I80 board
SBS IP-UD-IHV-8I160 Support for the SBS IP-UD-IHV-8I160 board
SBS IP-Unidig-E-48 Support for the SBS IP-Unidig-E–48 board

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