Allow CPU Overloads

The Simulink® Real-Time™ kernel usually halts model execution when it encounters a CPU overload. You can configure the Simulink Real-Time model to allow CPU overloads. Use this capability to support long initializations and for overload diagnosis.

Long Initializations

For some real-time applications, normal initialization can extend beyond the first sample time. For such an application, use the TLCOptions property xPCStartupFlag with the smallest effective value, up to approximately 5.

Overload Diagnosis

During execution, hardware-specific factors can cause the real-time application to process data beyond the sample time. Use the TLCOptions properties xPCMaxOverloads and xPCMaxOverloadLen to diagnose and address this issue.


Allowing the target computer CPU to overload can cause incorrect results, especially for multirate models. Use these TLC command-line options only for diagnosis. When your diagnosis is complete, turn off these options.

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